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1-5 lamps

Quantity of lamps

95-99.90 %

Degree of decontamination

70-100 m³/hour


DEZAR ® — ultraviolet irradiator-recirculator of closed type. Ultraviolet radiation source — ozone-free lamps PHILIPS ®, LightTech ® or Osram ®, wavelength 253.7 nm. UV-radiation with this wavelength offers broad spectrum of effect on microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. 

Service life of lamp up to 9000 hours. Only ozone-free lamps are used in the design of DEZAR recirculators, which allows to use them in the presence of people.

The radiation from the lamps is enough to destroy all microorganisms in the room (air disinfection efficiency, depending on recirculator model, is 95-99.9 %).

The absence of direct UV-rays and ozone makes recirculators DEZAR absolutely safe for use in the presence of people.

About us

KRONT company is the only distributor of ultraviolet irradiators-recirculators of closed type DEZAR ® on the territory of the European Union.

DEZAR ® is intended for use in rooms with higher risk of spread of airborne infections.

It is also designed for air decontamination in premises of all categories: treatment and prevention facilities (operating rooms, burn care rooms, doctors' and patients' rooms, etc.).

Ultraviolet irradiator-recirculator DEZAR ® can be used as the final element in the sanitary-hygienic complex of measures in a room make-ready procedure, but its main purpose — work in premises where constant maintenance of aseptic conditions in the presence of people is needed.

The whole range of products is certified by TUV NORD company according to EU regulations 2014/30/EU i 2014/35/EU. Certificate of compliance EU No.LVD/EMS 119/01.

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